Reviews of NRV Pilates and Massage

Read reviews of NRV Pilates and Massage and Karen Osborne.

Karen is a master of body work. she has helped me deal with chronic hip and back pain. I never thought that Pilates would be fun but Karen’s sense of humor and many personal experiences and use of music make each session something to look forward to she listens to me and my body and adjusts accordingly. Sometimes I am on the reformer other times she’ll switch to massage. Her goal is to have her clients leave feeling better than when they came in. I can verify that she accomplishes that every time!
– Dr. Elizabeth Flanagan

Frankly, I couldn’t imagine myself doing Pilates, but after my 75th birthday I knew I needed help. I found Karen online and like her reviews. In our first meeting, we talked about my needs regarding balance, flexibility, and strength. Although I didn’t see lots of equipment, I found myself doing lots of work. Karen provided sessions based on my individual needs, and stayed patient and humorous as she took me through my paces. Her work grew out of her knowledge human anatomy and what the body needs to physically maintain itself. I value Karen and what I learned during our training. She even broke up a low moment with her quick wit. Good investment and time well spent.
– Vicki Linkous

Karen is fantastic. She has been working with me weekly for several months now. I chose her because her brochure said she works with seniors and “has a unique way of meeting a person where they are at physically”. I’m only mid fifties, but because I could hardly get down on the floor or do much of anything I figured I move like an old person. I was apprehensive at first but she put me immediately at ease. She is very attentive to how I’m doing physically and knows exactly when to stop so that I don’t overdo it. We laugh a lot, and the sessions are more like fun than work. I always feel better when we are done than I did when I came in. And, I can move so much more easily than I did at the first! She has also tailored home workouts for me. I highly recommend her for her expertise and for her ease and fun demeanor. Karen is a gem!
– Emily Stanton

Karen is great! I had never worked one-on-one with a trainer, but Karen is so much fun, relaxed, but energetic. She’s also very knowledgeable about the body. She’s very organized & intentional about her plans. I’ve recommended her to many people. Everyone has remarked how effective her work is for building a strong core. Very helpful with designing a workout when people have injuries too. And if you decide a little massage is in order, Karen can do that too!
– Anisa Zvonkovic

Karen is absolutely wonderful. I found her following an injury but I think she has a lot to offer active and currently healthy athletes of all types in staying balanced and productive. I’ve consistently recommended her other riders and will continue to do so!
– Andee Djuric

Karen did an excellent job of working out which exercises were good for me and which were not. She is a great resource for a tailor-made exercise routine. She is friendly, cheerful and full of great ideas!
– Rachel Scott

Karen is amazing! I never had a massage this relaxing and she gives you great tips for stretching etc. Going to try the Pilates soon for sure!
– Kitty Gainer

I came to Karen with multiple medical issues, and was in chronic pain. Karen was instrumental in helping alleviate my pain, and gave me important tools to strengthen and manage my health concerns. 
Her warm and caring approach helped me feel more optimistic about my body’s ability to heal. Karen is an incredible healer!
Thank you Karen!
– Marivic Gallimore

Today I got my best “hot stone” massage ever; a much needed one after this very busy week and since my car accident about 3 months ago. I highly recommend that you contact Karen in ASAP, before everyone gets busy around the holidays! I mean you owe yourself the best massage treatment and if you’ve been looking for a relaxing massage therapy, come and see Karen!!
– Deborah Levy

We love Karen! A fun person and true professional.
– Dr. Bart Eastwood

I have been doing Pilates here for a month now and love it!
– Shannon Eastwood

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