About Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne of NRV Pilates Massage and Personal TrainerKaren Osborne is a teacher, Pilates and Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, EMT, and Health Coach with over 38 years of experience. She has taught at West Point Military Academy, worked with Physical Therapists in the use of Pilates equipment, and taught Phys. Ed. classes at the University of WI. While training for the Olympics in Tae Kwon Do, she suffered a serious knee injury that disabled her for over 1 year. She was then inspired to instruct seniors and the handicapped in practical self-defense, and began competing in both cycling and triathlons, ranking nationally.

In San Francisco she expanded her skills to include acupressure, and cranial sacral work, and had a successful private practice working with a diverse population ranging from athletes, actors, singers, to seniors and people with disabilities.

Karen has a unique way of meeting a person where they are at physically, and designs customized programs to help clients achieve their goals.

The use of Pilates equipment is excellent for Imbalances, Alignment, Core Stability, and Flexibility, which is the Foundation for all Movement.  It supports the body to do movements that are challenging while weight bearing, and is great for rehabilitation from injuries. Karen is able to translate many of the Pilates exercises onto the Physioball for a home program.

Karen is extremely passionate about helping people enjoy their path to fitness and health. And she incorporates a sense of fun so working out becomes an adventure, not a chore!

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